10 DAYS TO GO - SMPTE 2011

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19 - 22 July, SMPTE 2011 at Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW

The SMPTE 11 program includes more than 90 participants delivering 60 presentations and workshops in 23 sessions, providing delegates with a broad spectrum of the latest techniques and technologies to transport you into a new dimension of digital media.

Prices start from just $69 for a single session.

SMPTE are extremely privileged to have Howard H Lukk, Vice President of Production Technology from Walt Disney Studios, to deliver the keynote in an open session on day one.

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Here's a look at the ACS sessions at a glance.

Shooting DSLR's and beyond - Big Sensor Video

Session time: Tuesday July 19 8.30am - 10.10am
Cinematographer; Pieter de Vries ACS
Photographer; Simon Harsent

There is an exciting opportunity to attend a hands-on demonstration and forum conducted by award winning cinematographer and large format video specialist Pieter de Vries ACS and acclaimed international photographer Simon Harsent.

This is a 'must see' if you own a large sensor video camera or a DSLR and you want to make the most of these camera's abilities. Pieter and Simon know the cameras well, and will bring their distinctive perspectives to show you exactly how to get the finest images that these cameras can deliver.

The DOP and the Production Designer

Session time: Tuesday July 19 1.30pm - 3.00pm
Ben Nott ACS; Cinematographer
George Liddle; Production Designer
Moderator: Renee Brack from the Movie Network

Cinematographer, Ben Nott ACS and Production Designer, the renowned George Liddle, discuss their working relationship on the films they've worked on together and how they collaborated with the Spierig Brothers to achieve the visual palette and the look on DAYBREAKERS.

Shooting Television Drama

John Brawley; Offspring
John Stokes ACS; Packed to the Rafters
Allan Collins ACS; 3 Acts of Murder, Jandamarra's War
Mark Wareham ACS; Cloudstreet, Underbelly Files: Razor
Matthew Horrex ACS; All Saints, Home & Away
Moderator: Ron Johanson ACS

Australian television abounds with superb television drama. We hear a panel of renowned Australian cinematographers, working in the genre, talk about the time constraints, show examples of various set ups and let them explain solving the problem of how best to balance the visual storytelling with the budget. How much do you compromise and when do you say no?

3D Panel - Director/DOP

Session time: Wednesday July 20 10.30am - 12.15pm.

Cinematographer; Jules O'Loughlin ACS
Director; Alister Grierson

Cinematographer; Ross Emery ACS
Director/Editor from PROJEKTA; Simon Thomas

Moderator: Tom Gleeson

Discuss the pros and cons of shooting in 3D. The restrictions and the benefits. Is it worth it and how does it affect the Director-DOP relationship?

MUSIC CLIPS; Grant Marshall & Jason Hargreaves

Session time; Wednesday, July 20 1.30pm - 2.45pm
Director; Grant Marshall
Cinematographer; Jason Hargreaves

Music Clips: "We don't have a lot of money, but Beyonce really wants you to do it!"

Explores the realm of the Music Video and how to create memorable images on a small budget. Two of Australia's leading exponents; Director, Grant Marshall and cinematographer Jason Hargreaves explain and show how.

MASTERCLASS: "The WHY and The HOW " with Peter James ACS ASC

Session time: Wednesday July 20 3.15pm - 5.00pm

Multi award winning and acclaimed cinematographer Peter James ACS ASC, responsible for the cinematography on classics such as; CADDIE, THE IRISHMAN, PARADISE ROAD, THE MAN WHO SUED GOD, DRIVING MISS DAISY, BLACK ROBE, MAO'S LAST DANCER and many others, will discuss the WHY and the HOW cinematographers make decisions regarding the look of their films.

The WHY: The emotion, storytelling, character development, the look of the film, the mood, what feelings the audience should feel.

The HOW: lighting, film stock, format, lenses, the camera that we choose, filters, DI.

He will talk about the shooting of BLACK ROBE and MAO'S LAST DANCER, two very different films.

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