ACS Short Ends July 2011

From the President

Greetings ACS colleagues and friends,

The loss of Howard Rubie ACS has left a huge gap in our industry. Howard was a terrific person. As well as being a great director and cinematographer, he was a very honest man of the highest integrity, a great mentor, humanitarian and teacher.

I was fortunate enough to have worked with Howard on a show called Shannon's Mob as an operator. He was a delight to work with and would never expect you to deliver what he couldn't. He was, as I said, a great cinematographer in his own right and a bloody good operator as well. There are many who will miss Howard as he was simply a very fine man.

Kodak - ACS Masterclasses

The first of the 2011 Kodak - ACS Masterclasses, was held at the AFTRS in Sydney and was a resounding success. There were over 40 participants who were treated to 3 days of intense, but thoroughly enjoyable work under the guidance of John Seale ACS ASC, Russell Boyd ACS ASC and Peter James ACS ASC.

Places are still available for the Melbourne Masterclass from 2 - 4 August with Ellery Ryan ACS, Brendan Lavelle ACS and Alex McPhee Jr. ACS.

The Brisbane Masterclass will take place in late September, with John Stokes ACS, Mark Wareham ACS and Robert Humphreys ACS. For more information and to register your interest, contact Leigh Christensen:

[email protected] »

To see some great shots of the Masterclass participants in action, go to the Kodak Facebook page:

Kodak on Facebook »

SMPTE 2011

The Society is gearing up for SMPTE 2011 at Darling Harbour from July 19 - 22. This will be a must see for all industry practitioners.

The ACS are involved in 6 specific sessions. They include:

  • 3D Panel - Director / DOP relationship
  • Shooting Television Drama
  • The DOP and the Production Designer
  • Shooting DSLR's and Beyond - Big Sensor Video
  • MASTERCLASS: "The WHY and The HOW" with Peter James ACS ASC
  • MUSIC CLIPS: Grant Marshall & Jason Hargreaves
  • I have no doubt all these sessions will be very popular. For more details about the ACS sessions and all the other events at SMPTE 2011, go to: »

APDGA Awards

Congratulations to the Australian Production Designers Guild of Australia (APDGA) as they gear up for the inaugural APDGA Awards. The ACS is a very proud "supporter" and wish the Guild well for this wonderful event.


Keep in mind the ACS HQ is open and available for "official" use or simply somewhere to enjoy a coffee and a chat. It also makes for a good "location".

Contact ACS HQ Manager; David Lewis ACS on 0408 273702.

ACS Accreditation

Accreditation is happening in September. Contact your Branch President for more details or email me:

email the ACS President, Ron Johanson ACS »

State & Territory Awards

State & Territory Awards entries will be open soon. November is our ACS Awards month, so put the thinking cap on and select your entries now.

Welcome home to our E News editor, Kirsty Stark. We all missed you heaps Kirsty!

Until next time…
Ron Johanson ACS
National President

A Postcard from Tony Politis in Florida


I have been doing a dream job this last couple of weeks. I have been shooting the Space Shuttle up close and personal. The next shuttle launch is the last and they are making a big deal out of this one because not only is it the last, but when it returns to earth it will be put on permanent display at the Kennedy Space Center. We have done everything but get inside that thing.

Right now the launch is scheduled for July 8 and they have asked me to shoot that, but as you know the launches usually get scrubbed and if it does, it could be anywhere from the next day to the next year before they actually launch.

If it does get scrubbed, I may miss the launch because it looks like I am heading back to California to work on House of Lies. That's the pilot I worked on in February and it got picked up, so DP Peter Levy called me and offered me the B camera position.

I am adding a picture to this email so you can have a laugh at my expense. When I saw this picture all I could hear was your voice saying "Yeh, that'd be right, Politis is always looking the wrong way".

Well, believe it or not, they had just rolled the Shuttle out of the VAB (Vertical Assembly Building) and were heading to the launch pad. While everyone was looking at the Shuttle, I looked back and there was this awesome shadow of the Shuttle on the VAB. I swung around to get a shot of the shadow…thinking all the time!... and one of the guys took a quick snap. Must have been the only 2 seconds that I wasn't glued to the shuttle.

Like I said before, I as good as did this job for free but little do they know I would have paid them...

See you soon mate,


Sponsor Spotlight: Showreelfinder

In 2005 Showreelfinder launched a dedicated online showreel platform, purpose built for professional film and TV practitioners. Now a well established hub for freelancers, they are dedicated to increasing the visibility of your work on the web.

Capturing 60,000 + page views each month, the audience is growing an average 15% annually.

Now integrated with some powerful cloud computing applications to deliver web and mobile video showreels, with new user features being added regularly.

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Showreelfinder invites all ACS members to a 30 day free private trial of our upgraded online showreel platform.

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You've most likely seen our web presentations of the National ACS Award winners online.

2011 ACS National Awards Winners » - 2011 ACS National Awards Winners
2010 ACS National Awards Winners » - 2010 ACS National Awards Winners

We also support the Australian Directors Guild:

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Now hosting over 4500 titles, Showreelfinder is now the premier online showreel site in our region.

New Features

Says ACS member and Showreelfinder founder Simon Higgins:

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Contact Showreelfinder:

Call Simon Higgins on 02 8915 1586

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A Postcard from Ben Nott ACS

Hi Ron,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but things are a little hectic right now.

The June diary thus far:

Spent 10 days in Krabi, Thailand shooting for UK grocery chain Waitrose. Krabi ... OMG ... what a stunningly beautiful part of the world. Groovy website 'The Cool Hunter' rates it as one of the 10 must visit destinations and they are right on the money.

Cut to South America ..... (I wish!)
Off the flight from Thailand and onto the 35 hour marathon to La Paz - Bolivia. Over there shooting the Gran Poder Festival - which I'm sure translates to "3 day drunken mad fancy dress street parade". Very intense on the optic nerve, and loud. I was sure I would bleed from the ears any moment. Total sensory overload. Amazing.

I sat there at the crane controls gasping for breath at 11,000 feet above sea level while those mad bastards danced up a storm for hours though the cobble stoned goat tracks they call streets. The Spierig boys' next movie is set in La Paz and the Amazon jungle and this festival features heavily in the first act, so we snuck over to shoot the wide shots and some BG plates before we return with main unit at some later date.

Dissolve to LA ... Completely rooted.
American Airlines delayed us 4 hours out of La Paz. The knock on effect had us missing every connection down the line. AA then lost my luggage. Great!
Supposed to fly home tonight but now in doubt because of the volcanic ash business. The glamour of international travel is lost on me. Enjoy the snaps!

Cheers mate,


NSW Industry Briefing - 14 July 2011

Further to the NSW Industry Briefing held in June of last year, the third annual NSW Industry Briefing will be held on Thursday, 14 July in Sydney.

To be chaired by Sandy George, speakers will update the industry on the recent activities of their organisations. Panel members are:

Ruth Harley, Chief Executive Officer, Screen Australia
Tania Chambers, Chief Executive, Screen NSW
Deb Richards, Chief Executive, Ausfilm

The briefing is open to all film, TV and TVC production professionals in NSW and is particularly aimed at the wider membership (editors, composers, cinematographers, writers etc.) It is a chance to ask questions and learn more about the future of the industry in this state.

Date: Thursday, 14 July
Time: 7pm
Venue: To be advised on booking
Cost: Free

[email protected] » - book now!
[email protected] » - email Jo Smith (Co-Convenor) for more information
[email protected] » - email Tristan Milani (Co-Convenor) for more information

Press Release: Video-8 Media - July 1 2011

Video-8 Media have served the media community for over 30 years, adapting and evolving in sync with ever-changing technologies, media and formats. In an exciting development as an extension to V8's traditional services, they are now able to alter the digital asset management landscape by ingesting your media, storing it digitally and providing you with unlimited online access, from anywhere, at any time.

V8 in conjunction with Dalet, a world wide high-end digital Media Asset Management systems provider, are able to capture, prepare, digitise, store, manage and deliver content to and from any location, across Australia or across the globe. It means secure, safe, flexible Media Asset Management services on rock solid infrastructure at a dramatically reduced cost. The Video 8 MAM services will enable you to remove a significant amount of capital costs from your production budget. You have access to our cutting-edge technology from any remote location for a negotiable monthly fee.

It means that any of your footage can be made available and editable in the format of your choice from the location of your choice. It means fewer couriers and less time handling tapes, saving you money. Your existing footage, held on any tape or film format can be digitised, restored and made available for monetisation at a much lower cost than has been possible to date.

By connecting our experience, skills and technology through high speed dedicated communications and the web to all production houses, broadcasters and consumers, we give you the opportunity to think differently about your business model.

For more information about this exciting new product please contact Video 8 Sales Manager Sean Glasson on 0438 698 723 to discuss further.







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