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Mid December 2020
β€œWith great power comes great responsibility.”
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Note from the Editor:
Apologies for the size of this newsletter, this is yet another bumper edition, you may need to grab a cuppa or even come back to some of the links to really get the most from this months newsletter.
What's in this edition
Message from the President
~ ACS Camera Workforce Census 2021 - What it is and why its beneficial to our industry for you to be involved
~ ACS Seasons Greetings Videos
Camera Workforce Census 2021 
~ Media Release & Official Links
ACS Tech Committee
~ Fantastic new Video from our ACS Tech Committee about what a Virtual Production really is and what the role of a cinematographer on a virtual set.
~ Featuring Test Shoot discussions with Bonnie Elliot ACS & Keiran Fowler NZCS ACS
CineKids are back
~ Do you know someone who would benefit from becoming an ACS CineKid?
~ Check out what Spider and the gang have been up to at ACS HQ
~ Postcard from David Szazz
~ Postcard from Luca Blades
ACS Expat - International Members
~ David Wakeley ACS gives an update
SA Happenings
~ SA Branch Award Pics
~ SA Christmas Drinks Pics
Leitz News
~ New Directors Viewfinder Henri
~ Leica SL2-S
~ Tech Specs 
~ Henri Dumer - The History behind the choice of name
~ VimoCine Leitz Len sets EOY Sale
~ Eflect, for creating beautiful background patterns & textures
~ Talks@AFTRS
~ Industry feedback request
~ Win an AFTRS short course Gift Certicate
~ Joanne Donahoe-Beckwith
~ Lumix S series Bonus Lens Offer for ACS Members
~ T&C's & How to claim Link
~ Stepen Oh
Kayell Celebrates 50 Years
~ History of the past 50 years 
~ Video by Andreas Johansson & Rober Gatto
~ Abraham Joffe ACS
~ Video Link - Big Cats S2
~ LTO -Tapes better than ever
~ Toby Oliver ACS
ACS Pub Lunch
~ Check out who was there
Mandalorian-style Tech comes to town
~ $1.5m Screen will forever change filmmaking
~ Ron Howard;s Thirtenn lives heads to QLD
Missed a recent online event
~ Accreditaitons - NSW Awards 2020
~ Bonnie Elliot - On the Applebox
~ Roger Horrocks - On the Applebox
~ Ari Wagner ACS - On the Applebox
~ Relic Q&A - Victorian ACS
~ John Seale AM ACS ASC
Anthony Dod Mantel
~ working on 'The Undoing'
News from Meredith Emmanuel
~ Martin Ruhe ASC
~ Newton Thomas Sigel ASC
~ Denson Baker ACS NZCS
~ Autumn Durald ASC
~ XS10, Get to grips with the latest model
~ Ashley Barron ACS
Michael Idols ACS Book by Marion Edols
~ "Aspects of a life lived with passion, heart & soul
~ links to purchase
~ Check out these beautiful lenses
~ Course Information Links
ACS on Instagram 
~ Link
Australian Content Regulations

~ Fact Sheet
~ Links
AC Magazine
~ link
National ACS Sponsors & Supporters
~ We ask that you support those who support us!
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and year ahead,
Signing off ~ Lizz
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Message from the President
Checking the list... Not many more sleeps now!
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Greetings ACS members, sponsors and colleagues,

So, we made it through 2020 and the challenges of COVID. We are well on the way to Christmas 2020 and then onto 2021 with renewed optimism. Let’s all stay on our feet, keep well and keep punching!

Here is a little something to mull over, but don’t mull for too long as we really need your input.

As an inclusive Society your thoughts on the future directions that we take as a Society is important to us. In an effort to ensure full collaboration amongst the entire membership we seek a little of your time to click on the all important link and complete the ACS CAMERA WORKFORCE CENSUS 2021.


This is the first research of the ACS membership that examines work force development, career progression, diversity and inclusion for camera professionals in Australia.

What’s the survey about?

The Census will examine the quantity, type and quality of work for camera professionals in Australia. It will ask you questions about your career path, your earnings and income, hiring processes, professional networks, training and professional development, and any experiences of workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination you may have had in your career as a camera professional.

An outstanding team of academics from Deakin University is conducting the Census. The Australian Cinematographers Society has provided support for this study by funding the research, providing guidance on the design and wording of the survey instrument, and distributing this invitation to participate to all active and inactive ACS members. However, it is important to emphasise that the ACS will not have access to any of the individual responses, or the raw data, generated from the Census.

What will be done with the findings?

The general findings will be delivered in a report to the ACS National Executive, with the aim of positively informing policy and practice for the ACS as a professional organisation, and the Australian Screen production sector more broadly 

We hope you are able to find time to participate in this important project about camera professionals in Australia. Your feedback and opinions really do count and your response will help inform ACS policy and practice and provide urgent insights into the important roles that camera professionals play in the Australian screen sector.

This is a vitally important piece of research and I thank you sincerely in anticipation of your collaboration.

Click the link below to have your say.
This Census has been worked on for some time over many months and I thank Dr Amanda Coles, Professor Deb Verhoevan along with our ACS Committee comprising myself, Carolyn Constantine ACS, Velinda Wardell ACS, Kevin Hudson ACS, Ellery Ryan ACS. Anna Howard ACS, Claire Bishop, Justine Kerrigan and the amazing researchers at Deakin University who have all played a major role in this significant initiative.

I thank all our members and our ACS sponsors for supporting the ACS in 2020 and we trust that 2021 will be a cracker!
Take care and put your feet up for a short time, enjoy your families, friends, the pool, the cricket, the BBQ, opening and closing the fridge door, walks in the park, fishing, the beach, knocking down a cold one and all those small things that add up to a lot. Thanks heaps…….steady Santa don’t go too early!

One final thing…If you’re not having a brilliant Christmas then call me, I am just that phone call away.

Ron Johanson OAM ACS
National President

Ph +61(0) 413 264 400

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ACS and Deakin Uni launch world’s first
Camera Workforce Census 2021 in Australia

Covers equity, diversity and career progression of all camera professionals

Click the link below to have your say.

In a world’s first, the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) has collaborated with researchers at Deakin University to launch the Camera Workforce Census 2021, a census focused on equity, diversity and career progression of all camera professionals in Australia. 

As part of the world first for research in cinematography, the Camera Workforce Census 2021 seeks to gather as many voices from all camera professionals in Australia. This includes assistants, freelancers, operators, camera crew and cinematographers - both ACS members and non-members. As a result the research seeks to get a greater snapshot of the camera workforce and their working experiences. 

The Camera Workforce Census 2021 will ask questions about career paths, earnings and income, hiring processes, professional networks, training and professional development opportunities, it will also enquire about any experiences of workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination. 

Once complete the final report will be delivered to the ACS National Executive who will then, in turn, positively inform their members and the entire industry of policy and practice for the ACS and the broader Australian screen production sector moving forward.

Click the link below to have your say.
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 Seasons Greetings 
πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„
Virtual Production. Do we now have the Holo Deck?
From the ACS Tech Committee 
ACS Tech Committee Video Link
What is Virtual Production and the role of Cinematography
A look at Virtual Production from the Australian Cinematographers Society from the perspective of Cinematography. Links to videos we reference for you to Explore
Virtual Production, as used by Greig Fraser, ACS, ASC on Disney’s THE MANDALORIAN, is taking the production world by storm.
Over the past eighteen months, over a hundred virtual production studios have been built globally and now Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide have facilities in place.
In August, NEP Studios and Spectre Studios worked with the ACS to set up a pop-up version of the studio.
Under the guidance of Bonnie Elliott, ACS, and Kieran Fowler, NZCS, ACS, we photographed a series of scenarios exploring the new process of virtual production using large-scale, computer-driven LED walls.
The ACS Technology Committee has created a video to discuss the basics of virtual production and specifically its use, challenges and impact for cinematographers.
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As we go to press the NSW ACS Christmas Party is in full swing...
Big shout out to ARRI for sponsoring the live event.
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β€œACS CineKids ARE BACK”
Now that the COVID-19 19 restrictions have eased the ACS CineKids program is starting to rev up again.

On Sunday 13th Dec the ACS CineKids NSW branch held a workshop at the ACS Headquarters and now wish to share it with the CineKids from the other branches and other kids with similar cinematic interests.
Darwin Schulze a former CineKid presented his film β€œOde to Minecraft” that he made during the peak of the restrictions.
Over the next week or so we will post a video of Darwin’s presentation and a one from Jacob Hudson a current CineKid also made during the peak of the restrictions, watch this space!
Check out the short video from the day's events
National & NSW CineKids Coordinator, David Lewis ACS   
If you wish to join CineKids CLICK HERE
Congratulations to all our amazing ACS CineKids finalists at the 2020 Australian Cinematographers Society National Awards and to David Szasz for his Gold Award for his film β€œShip Out” and to Ari Shaw-Velzen for β€œHarry Potter”.
David Szasz - Gold Certificate - Ship Out
Ari Shaw-Velzen Award of Distinction - Harry Potter
with thanks to
CineKids Sponsor
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from ACS CineKids to AFTRS
Hi David,

I happened upon the ACS five or six years ago when my mother and I accidentally got out at the wrong floor of her doctor’s practice. My parents and I soon saw this organisation as an appropriate vehicle through which I could expand my interest in filmmaking. As a member of ACS CineKids, I was put into an environment with like minded people that allowed me to learn and develop new skills. 
Recognised by the ACS for my work on the films β€˜Cide’ and β€˜Ship Out’, I have been able to gain confidence in my abilities as a filmmaker. Now having finished school, I have been accepted into the Australian Film Television and Radio School where I will expand my skills in the field of cinematography and other roles pertaining to film production. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities the ACS has presented me with over the last five years, and look forward to my time as an ACS Student. 

Many thanks,
David Szasz
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At the ACS I had the opportunity to participate in short courses and talk to many individuals with a range of experience in the industry. As an ACS CineKid I was able to collaborate with and learn from others my age through a shared passion for filmmaking.
I am very excited by the awesome opportunity to study at AFTRS next year in the Bachelor of Arts Screen Production course. Studying at AFTRS is the next stage of turning my long held passion for film into a multi practicing career in the industry. Surrounded by people with a collective love for filmmaking with ideas and experiences unique to my own will motivate me to learn, produce my best work and push myself to pursue every opportunity possible.
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ACS Expat – International Members
1st Sunday of the Month Worldwide Zoom Chat
In Mid-2020, the ACS instigated a worldwide monthly Zoom Chat, based on midnight (0.00) Au Eastern Standard time, 1st Sunday of each Month.

We’ve now run 5 monthly Zoom Chats, with we believe, great success. Either Australian members based overseas or international members who now total over 100 members working in so many different genres, languages & countries. Chats have included members in London, LA, New York, Paris, Stockholm, Prague, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo & more, all happy to discuss their current situation in this Covid world, chat about current work in their chosen genre, meet new colleagues or simply re-connect with colleagues world-wide.
Our next Zoom chat is Sunday 3rd January to see out the horror 2020 & see in a positive 2021. Local members are welcome to join us & meet up with their international compatriots.  Times will be confirmed closer to the date, now that NSW is in daylight saving
With thanks to Kevin Hudson ACS who has joined me in the chats, Sidat de Silva who helped set it up & NSW Branch President, Carolyn Constantine ACS for her input.

Looking forward to Sunday 03/01/2021.
See you then.

David Wakeley ACS.
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Those in piccijes - SirRon puppet, Awards MC- Eddie Bannon, Myles & Mal Ludgate ACS, Sound engineer Peter Best from Best FX and SA VP and Awards Producer; Mark Evans.
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Still in SA.... Looks like a fu night was had by all!
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LEITZ announce a new director's view finder rig named "Henri" at the same time as Leica Camera announced there new SL2-S
HENRI consists of a newly designed support system for Leica’s SL2-S camera with a pivoting handle including integrated camera controls. By flipping in the handle, the system can be easily attached to a monopod or tripod plate.

The modular system allows the camera to be easily attached and removed. L-PL and L-LPL mount adapters are available.

Weighing only 4 lb., HENRI and the Leica SL2-S Camera is a comfortable, practical and ultra- lightweight package for Cinematographers and Directors on set and on location.

Let’s begin with a far-fetched funny fable. Perhaps it all began when Directors became jealous that Cinematographers wore a badge of office. You could immediately identify the DP by the contrast glass dangling around the neck. We’ll mention that the Gaffer also had one.

Rainer Hercher, Managing Director of Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH (Leitz Cine)
demonstrates the new Leitz Henri Directors Finder

Of course, the Director also needed a badge of office. And so it was that the Directors Finder was born. By 1979, the venerable vintage 1979 Alan Gordon Enterprises Mark IV (followed by the V and Vb) draped around the Director’s neck on a silvery chain that snagged shirt and skin. It was heavy. It bounced annoyingly on one’s stomach. Kish Optics had a lighter smaller finder.  Over the years, many other finders found their way into Directors’ and DPs’  hands.

Which leads to the serious question: shouldn’t it be called a DP Finder as well? It is a team effort, after all. And I can’t imagine any DP on set or location not demanding equal time with Henri and the latest Leitz Prime, as Rainer demonstrates above.

The Leitz Directors Finder HENRI is named after Dr. Henri Dumur, Managing Director of Ernst Leitz Optische Werke Wetzlar.

Henri Dumur. Photo courtesy of LFI Magazine.

Henri Dumur (1885-1977) was the Swiss grandnephew of Ernst Leitz I. Dumur joined the company in 1903 at the age of 18. He spent 60 years working for and supporting the company and the Leitz family. To this day, he is fondly remembered and well-respected.
Read Full Article & check out the Leitz Henri Directors Finder Tech SPECS


Two worlds. One choice

πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„
 Leitz End of year Lens Sale
Leitz is having a sale of specific lenses on the range of  20 to 25% off. If you were considering some the Leitz lenses or filling out your kit ranges, there's no time lite the present.
1. Summicon-C 15mm, 40mm = 25% Off
2. Summilux-C 16mm, 21mm, 135mm = 20% Off
3. Thalia-T 90mm= 25% Off
4. Full set of Thalia = 25% Off (only one set available globally)
Just drop me a line if you are interested and we can start the discussion.The Thalias Set will go quick at this price!!!   All the best,

John Virtue 

Managing Director
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Eflect enables the cinematographer to create controllable background patterns by focussing a dedolight into an Eflect pattern and then reflecting the result onto a wall or any surface – the results are unique and pleasing to the eye.

In essence, Eflect is designed to be a background generator.

Rather than have a subject in a room with bare walls, for example, why not introduce texture, colour and patterns to the background. The results can easily be changed and manipulated.

Eflect can also be used to direct light onto subject and background at the same time. Using this method, interesting and different and results can be achieved. 

Eflect is simple to use and the results are immediate. Eflect combines perfectly with existing dedolight technology. 

Eflect is available in large or small boards, with different surfaces in silver or gold, with specific mounted Eflect gels available for introducing different colours to the reflected patterns.

You have to see Eflect to know what it can do and this video provides a taste of what Eflect offers.

β€œThe Eflect boards are multi-mirror, hyper flexible boards that you can utilise in order to get these amazing dappled effects. Anywhere from shadows from a tree down to cloudy, foggy, mystical type looks that, depending where you set the light to the reflector ,you get these wonderful impressions. I have to say the results speak for themselves and people love these Eflect boards and the results that they get.”

Sean Boyriven

Presented by Sean Boyriven, from dedolight California. Sean is well-familiar with the advantages and tremendous potential which the dedolight system brings and is always happy to talk about and show these products in action

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Win an AFTRS short course gift certificate
Planning for our 2021 program of events is underway and we would love your feedback.

If you haven't already done so, please complete our short survey and go into the draw to win a short course gift certificate to the value of $500. Our short course gift certificates are transferrable and can be redeemed by family, friends or colleagues.

Deadline to submit your feedback is 5.00pm on Tuesday 22 December 2020.

Thank you for your invaluable support over the past year.
Complete SURVEY
πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„

So we finished main unit for a series I cannot wait for you to see & hear about.

Sure it was tough at times navigating the Covid restrictions/rules. The physical adjustments were interesting particularly in the 37Β°+ heat, lack of air & masks, but production had us on the electrolyte train which I highly recommend!

I am so proud of my crew, over half had never worked on a series before and they did brilliantly. Also incredibly happy to report that we proved diversity & representation is an asset. 
I already miss my team and cannot wait to work with them again.

Joanne D. B.
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LUMIX S Series Bonus Lens Offer
for ACS Members

Purchase a LUMIX S Series Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera before 31/12/2020 and claim a bonus Sigma 45mm lens.

That’s an added value of up to $999 RRP.

How To Claim Your Bonus Lens:

  1. Purchase an eligible LUMIX Camera or Camera Kit between 1st December 2020 and close of business 31st December 2020.
  2. Complete the online claim form found below. Claims must be submitted by no later than 11.59pm AEDST on 31st December 2020.

That’s it! Upon claim finalisation, we will endeavour to process, dispatch and deliver all bonus lenses within 12 weeks from your final claim being approved.

 *Promotion starts 8.01am AEDST 01/12/20. Ends 11.59pm AEDST 31/12/20. Bonus lens claims must be made online by 11.59pm AEDST 31/12/20. Purchasers must be 18+ years of age. Lay-bys not paid in full by close of business 31/12/20 are ineligible. Retain receipts(s). 

ACS Members will need to submit their membership ID number along with the purchase invoice showing a zero remaining balance, and camera serial number to claim by the end of the promotion period.
Full Terms & Conditions available here.
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We had a blast hosting Potato Jet at our facility to give him the ride of a lifetime in the #JETCAM and play around with some of our other gear like the #XM2Charlie and the #ROMEO downlink. Judging by the smile on his face and the great things he had to say about the whole experience, we'd say he had a pretty good time. Check out the awesome feature on his YouTube Channel!  Also a huge shoutout to ARRI for helping make this happen

JETCAM | Filming With The World's Fastest Arri Cinema Camera

πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„
Kayell Celebrates a Landmark 50 Years
Commemorating 50 years in business providing
professional imaging solutions
This year, Kayell Australia celebrates a momentous 50 years in business providing a one-stop-shop for the Digital Imaging, Video & Audio, Fine Art Inkjet Printing and Graphic Art industries.

From its humble beginnings that focused solely on still photography and professional photo labs, Kayell has grown to be a leading supplier of the latest technologies in new growth markets.

Co-founders, John Koens and Hans Leijer, created the name β€œKayell” back in 1970 using the first letter of their surnames. They began trading from a small premises in Druitt Street, Sydney and within a few years managed to acquire a number of important agencies for the photography, darkroom and laboratory divisions.

After forging exclusive relationships with further professional suppliers and agencies, a Victorian showroom was established in 1973, followed by a Brisbane showroom a few years later.

Kayell’s success was evident when they became the first professional product distributor for Kodak in Australia. It was not long before Ilford, Fuji, Polaroid and Agfa followed and were marketed by Kayell through the Big Five Incentive Program.

By the early 1980s, a number of overseas manufacturers had appointed Kayell to distribute a range of amateur products to photographic retailers in Australia. Seizing a business opportunity, an Amateur Products Sales Division was established which represented 30 percent of total sales for the company within a few years. This increased business resulted in a relocation to larger premises in North Ryde, north-west of Sydney in 1981.

After joining the company in 1993, Robert Gatto was appointed Kayell Australia Sales and Marketing Director. After the retirement of Johan du Preez, Rob was appointed Managing Director in 2009 and has continued as their committed leader to this day.

In 2009 Epson Australia representative, Andreas Johansson, joined Kayell as a director and head of the Graphic Arts Division after being in the industry for more than 30 years, Mr Johansson said: β€œAfter seeing Kayell from the β€˜outside’ while working at Epson, I knew joining this exceptional imaging solution provider would be a positive move. Eleven years on, my decision was definitively the right one!”

Mr Gatto said: β€œIt has always been a privilege to be part of Kayell Australia and to represent a company that has been in business for 50 years. It is a rare feat these days, but I feel our culture of service and solutions has helped preserve and maintain our strong position in the marketplace.

β€œOur dedicated staff is the heart and soul of our strong and innovative company, adapting to changes in the market and continuing to make it the success it is today. We also have a bank of professional suppliers who strive to develop new technologies that enable us to be at the forefront of our business.

β€œAnd of course, it’s our loyal customers that motivate and drive us to meet their every need. We pride ourselves on delivering a standard of service that is second to none and look forward to continuing to meet their needs for many years to come,” Mr Gatto said.
πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„

Big Cat Tales Seaon Two!

Its not often you get a chance to repeat something so special, but that's exactly what happened when we had the opportunity to return to the Masai Mara with Jonathan and Angie Scott and Jackson Looseyia to produce season 2 of Big Cat Tales.
Premiering on Discovery Channel UK and then following in other international markets.

Hope you enjoy!

Abraham Joffe ACS 
Usage of FUJIFILM LTO-tape grows as new magnetic recording method using millimetre and terahertz waves is developed

The latest development in magnetic tape technology will see magnetic tapes with 10 times the current capacities within five to 10 years.
~ Professor Shin-ichi Ohkoshi of the University of Tokyo

In the era of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), data archiving is a key technology. From this viewpoint, magnetic recording tapes are actively used in cloud services and data archives for business purposes because they guarantee long-term data storage, low power consumption, and low cost. Consequently, the demand for magnetic recording tapes is growing. Though they are slower to access than other storage devices, such as hard disk drives and solid state memory, digital tapes have very high storage densities. More information can be kept on a tape than other devices of similar sizes, and they can also be more cost effective too. So for data-intensive applications such as archives, backups and anything covered by the broad term big data, they are extremely important. And as demand for these applications increases, so does the demand for high-capacity digital tapes.

Professor Shin-ichi Ohkoshi from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Tokyo and his team have developed a magnetic material which, together with a special process to access it, can offer greater storage densities than ever. The robust nature of the material means that the data would last for longer than with other mediums, and the novel process operates at low power. As an added bonus, this system would also be very cheap to run.
"Our new magnetic material is called epsilon iron oxide, it is particularly suitable for long-term digital storage," said Ohkoshi. "When data is written to it, the magnetic states that represent bits become resistant to external stray magnetic fields that might otherwise interfere with the data. We say it has a strong magnetic anisotropy. Of course, this feature also means that it is harder to write the data in the first place; however, we have a novel approach to that part of the process too."

Epsilon iron oxide may also find uses beyond magnetic recording tape. The frequencies it absorbs well for recording purposes are also the frequencies that are intended for use in next-generation cellular communication technologies beyond 5G. So in the not too distant future when you are accessing a website on your 6G smartphone, both it and the data centre behind the website may very well be making use of epsilon iron oxide.

"We knew early on that millimetre waves should theoretically be capable of flipping magnetic poles in epsilon iron oxide. But since it's a newly observed phenomenon, we had to try various methods before finding one that worked," said Ohkoshi. "Although the experiments were very difficult and challenging, the sight of the first successful signals was incredibly moving. I anticipate we will see magnetic tapes based on our new technology with 10 times the current capacities within five to 10 years."
Everything you want to know on the side of the camera...
provided by my excellent AC’s...
L - R David Burr ACS, Brett Smith (ARRI Australia), Heidi Tobin (Videocraft), David Wakeley ACS, Marc Van Agten (Fujinon-Fujifilm) David Lewis ACS, Ron Johanson OAM ACS, Carolyn Constantine ACS, Roger Lanser ACS.
Mandalorian-style tech comes to town: $1.5m screen will change filmmaking forever
The room is spinning around a man and woman as they sit at a table. A skeleton walks through another room and waves at a man, who waves back. A moment later, we're on Mars. A moment after that, we're in the Antarctic. A little later, we're in warmer climes, in a narrow street in Venice. 

It all looks absolutely real but, in fact, we haven't left the warehouse in Coburg where Clayton Jacobson is giving the system he calls Dreamscreen a test run. It's a very expensive set-up involving motion tracking, computers, a robot-operated camera, a guy in a motion-capture suit, and a curved wall of LED screens that can host either high-resolution still images or hyper-real 3D environments through which the camera can roam at will.
Filmmaker Clayton Jacobson in front of the LED wall that's a key part of the Dreamscreen system he's developing.
Read Full Article HERE
Ron Howard's 'Thirteen Lives' heads to Queensland

Ron Howard's 'Thirteen Lives', based on the Thai caves rescue, is the latest in a string of international projects...

Read full THIRTEEN LIVES article also by Jackie Keast

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Accreditations – ACS NSW Awards 2020
Bonnie Elliott ACS On the Applebox
Roger Horrocks On The Apple Box
Ari Wegner ACS - On the Applebox
Relic Q and A - Victorian ACS
John Seale AM ACS ASC

Anthony Dod Mantle on Working
With Susanne Bier on β€˜The Undoing’

Courtesy of Niko Tavernise
Filming the New York-set HBO thriller series β€œThe Undoing” presented the challenge of getting inside the head of Nicole Kidman’s character, Grace, as her world flies apart and she doesn’t know what to believe, says Oscar-winning cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle.

The British DP, known for an artistic approach and a fascination for macro-level detail, used some of the same techniques he’s developed over the years, whether filming β€œSlumdog Millionaire” for Danny Boyle or β€œAntichrist” for Lars von Trier, he says.

β€œI use tools that for dramatic reasons help affect the focal plane and the rendition of the image depending on the psychology of the idea,” says Mantle, adding that he’s often fascinated with manipulating and diminishing areas of focus.

Read full article here...
As we veer into an unprecedented awards season, here’s an update on all the wonderful projects our clients have coming up:
  • Martin Ruhe, ASC has once again teamed up with George Clooney for his most recent film THE MIDNIGHT SKY. This awesome film will be making its way to Netflix Dec. 23 β€” just in time for the Christmas break!
  • Newton Thomas Sigel, ASC, who shot the incredible DA 5 BLOODS earlier this year for Spike Lee, is back again with CHERRY for the Russo Brothers, releasing Feb. 26. Both are heavy Oscar contenders very deserving for Tom's long-overdue nomination. But he isn't resting just yet; he's also teamed up with Channing Tatum for his directorial debut DOG, out Feb. 12. 
  • Denson Baker, ACS NZCS has also joined our fabulous roster. Our European friends will have seen his work recently in THE LUMINARIES, the BBC series about a cosmopolitan English woman who ventures out to colonial New Zealand. This beautiful miniseries, which was production designed by Felicity Abbott, will be making its way to Starz in the US early next year!
  • Our delightful director Patricia Riggen is currently on set shooting TOGETHER NOW. The film comprises eight different segments, made by eight different women, taking place all over the globe.
  • We’re not forgetting our TV stars either: Autumn Durald, ASC is as busy as ever with LOKI, while Kira Kelly, ASC is over shooting Y: THE LAST MAN, and Nicola Daley ACS and Denson Baker, ACS NZCS have just wrapped the women of Rome drama DOMINA  β€” all of which we’re eager to see when they reach our screens next year.

There is plenty more to see in the production schedule attached. If you’d like to speak to any of our clients about their projects, please reach out to Harry at


Emmanuel Bates Communications |
I just wrapped principal photography in Queenstown on Tassie's West Coast for SBS mystery drama series The Tailings. Pictured here on the 'Hillbilly Rickshaw' - a term coined by our Key Grip Dom Middleton, who built it himself when the request for a rickshaw didn't meet budget or time constraints. 
Shot on the ARRI Alexa Mini on Angenieux EZ zooms and SuperSpeed primes supported by Sydney's CameraHire and Hobart's IgniteDigi, 
Ashely Baron ACS on the Hillbilly Rickshaw & with 1st AC Leuke Marriott
The Tailings is a coming of age story of a teenage girl's investigation into her father's death. A stellar, emerging all-Tassie crew was led by Director Stevie Cruz-Martin (Pulse, Marrow), Produced by Liz Doran (Please Like Me, Molly) with Richard Kelly (The Gloaming) and Steve Thomas (Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky). 
I'll be grading in Sydney in Jan!

Ash Barron ACS
MICHAEL EDOLS ACS - β€œAspects of a life lived with passion, heart and soul
Marion Edols - van den Driesschen has written/compiled
'Michael's Story Aspects of a life lived with passion, heart and soul.'
If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy they are $25 and postage within Australia is $6. Overseas postage is about $20. 

Michael had an extraordinary life, his early childhood was spent in the jungle of Borneo, where his adopted father worked for British Tobacco as an engineer, building roads, bridges and an outdoor cinema. This is where he first picked up a box Brownie and took his first photographs of the Segama river in flood. By the age of 14 he had lost two sets of parents, yet despite life's traumas and being dyslexic, he managed to create a successful career as an award winning cinematographer as well as Directing and Producing iconic documentaries in collaboration with Indigenous Australians in the '70's and '80's.

His DVD collection, Aspects of a life working with Indigenous Australians is available through Ronin Films.

To purchase a copy of this fantastic book contact Marion by email on the link below:
Check out these beautiful lenses from CANON
For more info - Check out:

The Australian Cinematographers Society 


FACT SHEET: Modernising Australian Content Regulations
It would be great to hear first hand from Minister Paul Fletcher regarding the scrapping of the Australian local production quotas as it could well have long term ramifications for workers in our sector.
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