Jarod Reagan Howland Woods

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  • Camera Operator
  • Second Assistant Camera
  • Digital Imaging Technician
  • Data Wrangler
  • Video Split Operator


  • CASA Drone Pilot
  • Gimbal Operator


  • Advertising
  • Corporate
  • Documentary
  • Feature Film
  • Live Events
  • Music Video
  • Short Film
  • Sport
  • Wildlife & Nature
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Jarod Woods (he/him) is a 22-year-old mix of First Nations and descendant European blood, who aspires to become a director and cinematographer for long-form factual content that has social and environmental impact. He grew up on Ningy-Ningy Clan Country in Redcliffe, just north of Meeanjin (Brisbane) on the southern edge of Gubbi Gubbi (Sunshine Coast) Country, and continues to live and primarily work there.

Jarod already has a slate of local, interstate and even International projects that he has worked on, as well as graduating from Griffith Film School in 2021 with high marks.
He most recently worked for 3 months as the Camera Assistant and B-Cam Operator on SBS/NITV's "Blak Portraits" Factual Series, produced by Inkey Media and Rebel With A Cause Productions. This was a dream gig for him, as it meant engaging with various First Nations subjects, learning more about the diverse perspectives and strategies of Indigenous change makers, and a lot of new and exciting travel around Eastern so-called Australia. All four episodes have now been selected for Melbourne International Film Festival in 2023, and the series intends to become the highest rated NITV show.

Although Jarod developed a love for the salt and swell of the ocean from his surf-oriented childhood, it is high above the ocean, among the mountains, where Jarod is disconnected from society, at peace, and inspired the most. This type of landscape and its duality between stillness and ferocity, simplicity with complexity, and beauty to the eeriness, has a deep influence on Jarod's cinematography style, as well as his eye for adventure and nature photography. The personification of a landscape as its own character is an inspirational theme or element for his personal work.

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