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Ali Rezvani is a Sydney based filmmaker, and cinematographer. Born in Iran, Ali conceptualizes his works based on the complexities of human relationships through simple yet nuanced visual language. He has worked across multiple roles in the film industry including as a DOP, director and producer. In 2017, Ali was awarded the Golden Lake Award (Altın Göl Ödülü) for his artistic contributions to Turkey’s creative sector. His film works have been shortlisted in the San Mauro Film Festival, SWIFF 2023 Film Festival and A Rebel Minded Film Festival.


Feature Films:

Say Nothing - Experimental film (Director, Cameraman and Editor) (2015)

Parmida (cinematographer and editor) (2015).

The Sad Song(Cinematographer) (2014)

Fish’s Mouth (cinematographer) (2014)

Shiva (Cinematographer and editor) (2013)

Ants (cinematographer) (2013)

A small transmutation (Cinematographer and Editor) (2011)

Lonely Hands (cinematographer) (2011)

Chit Bride(cinematographer) (2010)
They Dance with Winds(cinematographer) (2008)


Sailor of Streets (cinematographer & Editor) (2015)

Simin the Symbol of Sonnet “Simin Behbehani’s life and poetry” (Cinematographer & Editor ) (2015)

Fardin Talks about Those Years, “about Mohammad Ali Fardin’s life” (Editor in collaboration with Mahdi Nasiri) (2014-15)

The History of Esfahan Photography (Cinematographer) (2015)

Iran Is Far (Director) (2015)

The Author Is Alive “Bahram Sadeghi’s life” (project consultant) (2014)

The Names of All the Dead Bodies Are Yahiya ‘Muhammad Ali Sepanlou’s life (2014)

The Shot Bow “about Masoud Kimiaei” (cinematographer & Editor) (2013)

From The Alley to Kan “about Abbas Kiarostami” (Cinematographer & Editor ) (2013)

Hard  like Water, “Shams Langroudi’s life and poetry” (cinematographer & Editor) (2012)

and poetry “(Cinematographer and Editor) (2011)

To Isfahan  with Ali (cinematographer and consultant for producing) (2011)
Temple (Cinematographer) (2011)

After-shock (Cinematographer and editor) (2011)

Karbafi(Cinematographer and consultant for producing ) (2010)

Love and Fire (Cinematographer) (2010)

Sultry Smell “about the Naser Abdullahi’s lifetime” (Cinematographer) (2007)

Short films:

The Moonlight Days (Cinematographer and Editor) (2013)

The Evening of a Good Day (Cinematographer) (2012)

Whales and humans (Director) (2012)

Recognizing the elephant (Cinematographer) (2012)

A Pair of Socks (Cinematographer and Editor) (2011)

Stubborn Puppeteer (Cinematographer and Editor) (2011)

Fly (director) (2011)
Returning (Cinematographer and Editor) (2010)

A Raw Tragedy (Cinematographer and Editor) (2010)

One Day (Cinematographer and Editor) (2010)

City of Ashes (Cinematographer and Editor) (2010)

The Distance Between  God and I (Cinematographer and Editor) (2009)

There Is No love (Cinematographer and Editor) (2008)

Black playful friend (Cinematographer and Editor) (2008)

Party (Cinematographer and Editor) (2008)

Blatherer Goddess (Cinematographer and Editor) (2007)

Then in Depth (Cinematographer and Editor) (2006)

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