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Hi! My name is Hayden Huynh and that I am an emerging Australian creative from Sydney. I have studied a Bachelor of Film Production at SAE Institute Sydney, currently studying a Masters in Creative Industries specialising in Film and working full time as a creative production assistant at Channel 9. Being passionate about the creative arts, I have had the privilege of attending Newtown High School of The Performing Arts. Majoring in both drama and film, I’ve had opportunities to be both talent and crew in preproduction, production and post-production. I believe that having experiences in both perspectives, I have a greater understanding and appreciation of the industry. During this time, I have also had experience in technical stage assistance. I am also a member of the Australian Cinematographers Society as of March 2021. I run a small freelancing business underneath my name in which I do videography and photography for various clients.

Being active within the academic community, I’ve had opportunities in leadership roles; particularly in the student experience. I had studied at SAE Institute Sydney and Newtown High School Of The Performing Arts - undertaking leadership as student council leader and prefect. These opportunities have allowed me to be a positive role model and help others to achieve higher particular in the performing arts and education.

Through studying a creative discipline and having experience in the industry, there are a variety of soft skills that I have exercised and have honed during my experiences.
These include the following:

- Strong Work Ethic
- Project Development
- Time Management Abilities
- Working Well Under Pressure
- Communication Skills
- Working as a Team Leader / Cooperation
- Critical Thinking
- Cognitive Outsourcing
- Flexibility and Adaptability
- Able to learn from criticism
- Achieving Deadlines.

Here are roles that I have experience in the course of my bachelors and addition experience on the field through my freelancing works.

- Director
- Assistant Director
- Producer
- Director of Photography
- 1st Assistant Camera
- Editor
- Sound Editing (On Location / Post Production)
- Colourist
- Television Promotional Production Assistant
- Photographer

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