Fawzi Darwish

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New South Wales
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  • Cinematographer


  • Advertising
  • Feature Film
  • Music Video
  • Short Film
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Known for always pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Fawzi
Darwish has been at the forefront of cinematography in Egypt and has
helmed dozens of award winning and viral ads and films. Fresh off the
trail from wrapping his second feature, Fawzi has become a household
name with a deep passion for creating intimate character driven
storytelling, using light and cinematography to communicate character's
thoughts and struggles.

Creative Director of Photography, offering extensive experience
managing high-performing lighting and camera crews on 30 March
feature Film productions. Using exceptional communication, leadership
and planning abilities to motivate teams to achieve first-class results
within specified filming timeframes. Highly-motivated Director of
Photography with extensive experience across high-end
cinematography projects. Offering developed professional expertise in
Been Bahreen Film , with award-winning results across various
productions. Egypt qualified.

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International mobile +20 155 555 2439