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Born in Pasadena, California (USA) and raised in Perth, Western Australia. John comes from a family of skilled Directors, VFX Artists, Camera operators, Photographers, and Information Technology professionals.

Surrounded by the art of narrative storytelling his parents worked across multiple US-based movie studios in Los Angeles including Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures where he gained a major interest in the camera department from a very young age. Starting initially as a Photographer, he spent many years travelling across America where his main focus was Landscape and Street Photography. Returning to Australia John delved deeper into the craft of shaping light where he practiced the art of Portrait and Fashion Photography building his very own studio and commissioning creative works with multiple artists throughout the years.

It was later that John began his journey into the art of motion pictures after a few successful documentaries and short films. John, along his journey in film learned and practiced the roles of Assistant Camera, to eventually camera operating, and finally to Director of Photography.

Furthering his education in the art of camera movement John attended a Steadicam workshop held in Melbourne in 2019 hosted by Lemac where he obtained his certification in Steadicam operation. Learning the art of balance and camera movement from Mentors Dan Hallet, Warren Tiedgan, and Anthony Zhao. This enabled him to become proficient at flying high-end to mid-level Steadicam rigs, giving him the ability to fly larger cinema camera setups, payloads and achieve complicated movements across different types of terrain.

The creative and artistic traditions continue with John and members of his family involved in the Australian and United States based film Industries. John continues to work in the film industry in Queensland as a Freelance Director of Photography / Steadicam Operator.

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