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Cinematographer - Australian Cinematographer's Society - acs
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Astute and Visionary Cinematographer
Philip RANG ACS. French/Australian
Exciting and astute cinematographers of the new wave of filmmakers.
Rich French background, Philip has acquired from 20 years living in Paris and cultivated an exceptional style in lighting and framing, elevating every project he touches.
As a cinematographer, Philip's passion for experimenting, testing and developing his skills, resulted in a unique and captivating visual language.
Over the course of two decades, Philip has lit Australian, French, Indian, and Asian TV commercials and music videos in some of the most extreme conditions.
Adaptability and resourcefulness shine through effortlessly tackling challenges while maintaining his unwavering commitment to achieving the best results.
Fuelling his creative fire, began shooting his own work at a young age, exploring new realms of cinematography, sur impression
in camera much like to early special effects by the father of cinematographer Georges Méliès “A Trip to the Moon.”
Accolades for his work, including the prestigious ACS Golden Tripod and the Best Cinematography award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.
What truly sets Philip apart is his infectious and loveable character.
A genuine people person, he effortlessly puts all cast and crew members at ease, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie on set.
His unorthodox methods and refreshing approach to problem- solving invigorate every project, inspiring those around him to push boundaries and exceed expectations.
As a passionate filmmaker, Philip is dedicated to mastering his craft and constantly seeking new challenges.
Philip thrives when working with like-minded individuals who share his unwavering commitment to excellence.
Whether it's feature films, television commercials, or music videos, Philip's expertise shines through in every frame, captivating audiences and telling stories that resonate.
If you're seeking a cinematographer who can bring your vision to life in the most captivating and authentic way, look no further.
Let's connect and explore the possibilities of collaborating on future projects.
Specialties: Film production, Cinematographer, Feature Films, TV Series, Television Commercials, Music Videos

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