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Jarrod was an award winning, experienced topside Cinematographer before becoming an underwater cinematographer. Jarrod has extensive experience producing and directing, documentaries and corporate videos. Currently shooting underwater on Sony A7Siii full frame with G-master Lenses and Nauticam Housing.

Jarrod is committed to conservation and minimizing any impact on the environment. His number one goal is to preserve the ocean and assist in research to better understand our oceans.
Jarrod has certification to 30m and is a Nitrox certified EAN 40 diver. Jarrod is also a Marine Education Officer and has years of experience swimming and working with wild Dolphins and Seals.
Jarrods passion for the underwater world has lead him to creating an ongoing stock library available for producers such as the BBC, ABC and other major networks.
Jarrod has provided documentaries and content to broadcasters in various countries, including Channel 4 Belgium, Italy, Finland, UK, Emirates airlines and Cathay Pacific.

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