Drew Bontoft

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New South Wales
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  • Cinematographer


As a child I wanted to be an actor… as a young adult I realised I wouldn't be a good one.

I've always loved films and I've always dabbled in the various disciplines – directing, editing, writing – but camera was always going to be my resting place. I'm one part science-nerd, one part art-kid and cinematography really is the marriage of those two ways of thinking. The bottom line is that it's all storytelling.

I really love the collaboration with a director. There's something magical about the alchemy of two people with different points of view combining their ideas about something and turning that into a concrete reality. The possibilities are endless! And then suddenly they're not anymore! That journey of discovery is thrilling and it's really exciting to see what those ideas turn into.

When I'm not telling stories I focus on my other passions – food, woodwork and the other arts.

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