Bayley Broome-Peake

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South Australia
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  • Cinematographer
  • Camera Operator
  • First Assistant Camera


  • Advertising
  • Corporate
  • Documentary
  • Feature Film
  • Music Video
  • Short Film
  • TV Drama
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Bayley Broome-Peake is a Sydney & Adelaide based up and coming cinematographer. With that in mind, she is also very passionate about camera assisting and spends much of her time in this capacity working on many different types of productions.
In 2015 she assisted renowned and recently accredited DP Bonnie Elliott ACS (My Tehran For Sale, The Slap) on an ABC, SAFC funded short documentary titled Michelle’s Story. This was shot on the Red Scarlet although Bayley has had experience assisting as well as shooting on many different cameras such as the Arri Alexa/Amira/Mini, Red Dragon/Scarlet/Epic, Sony FS7/F5/FS5/FS700, Canon C300/C100 as well as many more.
Bayley has many credits as a Focus Puller such as Pine Gap Season 1 (2018) as well as various short films and TVCs. She also has much experience working as a Clapper Loader on long form projects such as WOLF CREEK Mini Series (2015), Bad Blood Feature Film (2016), Cargo Feature Film (2016) and Fighting Season Season 1 (2017) to name a few.
Having such an avid career to date as an assistant on long form and other larger scale professional film productions has given Bayley an edge and an insider viewpoint to becoming a better shooter. Working under DOP’s such as Mandy Walker ASC ACS (Tracks), Bonnie Elliott ACS (Michelle’s Story), Geoffrey Hall ACS (Wolf Creek), Geoffrey Simpson ACS (Cargo), Matthew Temple (Dead Lucky) as well as many others has been an invaluable way for Bayley to learn different shooting techniques as well as lighting styles.
As a DOP and cinematographer Bayley has worked on many different types and scales of projects such as Music Videos (Daniel Cameron – She Deserves Love, R U OK?, etc), Commercial Projects (My Story – Study Melbourne Video Website), TV Commercials (Blown Away, Discovery Parks, etc), Web Series (Freemales Season 2), Short Films (White Lilies, Dance Free, The Apple Thief, etc) and TV Series (Poh & Co: Season 1 & 2) to name a few.
Bayley’s long-term goal is to be a prominent and successful female DOP within the Australian and international film community. She plans not only to learn and master the art of shooting cinema/film, but also to push the boundaries with new ideas.
Bayley wants to work with passionate directors bringing new shooting styles and lighting ideas to the table to create great storytelling in film. Her passion is delivering moving images to the viewer that not only tells a story but pushes audiences to see and feel things in a new way.

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