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Freelance - CineBeau Productions, Inc.
Cinematographer/LA based Lighting Camera Operator/Editor
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Beau Molloy is a multi-award winning Cinematographer, Lighting Camera Operator and Editor with more than fifteen years experience in news, features and documentaries.

For the past decade Beau has worked as an ENG cameraman and features production specialist for one of the most prominent media networks around the world - CNN International in London.

Now based in Los Angeles, the Australian native, with British citizenship and American Permanent Residency, has traveled to more than 60 countries, focusing on his passion for emotive storytelling. From war-zones to high-profile sit-downs, large-scale OB’s to live-panel debates, fast-paced sports to hard-hitting current affairs and delicately crafted documentaries, he always maintains a sharp eye along with a tireless work ethic.

Beau’s experience on a full range of cameras - including a preference for large sensor cine-style cameras - means he is an extremely versatile shooter and can deliver an array of styles to suit any client. He loves nothing more than to be able to craft beautiful sequences, drawing on his strong editing skills to understand what will benefit most in post-production.

With a resolve to keep calm under pressure and meet tight-deadlines, Beau always finds a solution to the inevitable challenges that arise during a shoot. His strengths are in being able to anticipate the scene before him, accurately interpret an editorial brief or offer his own creative vision, give clear directions when there is a mandate to take the lead and most importantly maintain a sense of humor! He absolutely believes in giving his all to each and every project, as he lives by the mantra that you are only as good as the success of your last assignment.

The Americas may now be Beau’s backyard, but he relishes any opportunity to travel and see the world from behind the lens.

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